Venue and timings decided for 2013 AEPC

6 Feb

grand flora kemangVenue and timings for the 2013 Asia Expat Pool Challenge have now been announced and can be see on its website here.


And thanks for all the fish ….

1 Feb

All, the last three months have been something of a medical challenge for Highlights. Pleased to say that the root cause was finally established and operated upon and just one procedure remains. While on the up, still very short on energy and drive, and certainly not enough to get the Ladder going again after its “winter” hibernation.

There is hope that someone will take over and, either way, we will let you know soon.

For myself I have hugely enjoyed setting the thing up and getting it running – and indeed playing in it. I enjoy best of five so much more than 1 frame friendlies, it brings real competition to individual pool play which is not there most of the time. Happy to say that it improved my own level of play significantly, though from a rather low level it has to be said and, if I am not mistaken, brought about an improvement in the play of many others too.

Besides improvement in play, the principle objective we set out back at the start was to develop a sense of community amongst expat players here in Jakarta – I believe this was also achieved.

Thanks to all for the tremendous support received throughout 2012 from you the players, the committee, our generous sponsors and, of course, Mark Sims with his recruiting hat on- it was a whole lot of fun as well as everything else, I would not have missed it for the world!

Hope to see you around the tables!!

Cheers, Highlights




The Daily Results

10 Jan

2013-01-10 Daily results


Ridiculously easy

20 Dec

2012-12-20 Daily results(1)Keith Miller returned from his sick bed to put in a good performance against John Fall at Aphro in a successful challenge, however, both were then put in their place by a Klaudia Djajalie in the middle of a rich vein of form where everything looks just so ridiculously easy that it is frightening to watch – and not a little dispiriting to play against!


The Daily Results

6 Dec

2012-12-06 Daily results

Cold turkey

3 Dec

Third callThe Ladder as at the first of December is now available here.

With activity expected to be low over the run up to Xmas and after New Year, this Ladder will end only on the 15th January 2013.

Over this period, challenges will be by mutual agreement only, there is no requirement to accept a challenge as normal. Players are however requested to advise of significant absences so that those remaining are more easily able to identify potential challenges.

To further leverage potential for play over the period, the Challenge reach provision is relaxed to eight rungs for players in rungs down to #30.


The Daily Results

1 Dec

2012-12-01 Daily results